Our History

National Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India introduced the Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) scheme with a vision to promote entrepreneurship among Engineering/Technology graduate students in the Country in Eighties. Regional Engineering College, Trichy, was the first institution in the Country to start a STEP inside the campus in 1986 jointly with DST to promote hitech innovative entrepreneurs and known as Trec-Step (Tiruchirappalli Regional Engineering College-Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park).

For CEEYES, it all started with Dr.C.R.Kandaswamy, a world renowned Professor in the area of Gears, then heading the Production Engineering Department in Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli motivated S.Ananthakrishnan, a 1990 batch Engineering graduate in Production Engineering at REC, Trichy, to become an Entrepreneur , helped him to identify a venture and directed him to start the venture inside the trec-step.

In 1991 Prof.CRK (as he is fondly known)helped his student develop technology to reclaim worn-out ferrous and non-ferrous components using Metal Spraying technology and thus Ceeyes Metal Reclamations, the first student-Professor project was incubated in one of the nursery sheds of trec-step.


When the company CEEYES ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT LTD was established in 1991, it visualized the potential scope for Reclaiming /Reconditioning the worn-out Ferrous and Nonferrous components using Metal Spraying Technology. Thus the company had developed many reclamation techniques to recondition the worn-out components for various industries including Rollers for BHEL, Guide Pins for Foundries, Kingpins for Road Transports, Mud Pump for Oil Explorations, etc.

In 1993 CEEYES developed the technology for reclaiming the worn-out camshafts of Diesel Locomotives and evolved itself as the leader in this line of activity for Indian Railways. CEEYES has reclaimed more than 10000 segments of camshafts till 2010.

In 2002, with its rich experience in camshaft reclamation, CEEYES ventured into manufacturing of camshafts for ALCO derivative locomotives for Indian Railways. CEEYES worked closely with Indian Railways for developing camshafts suitable for locomotives when the horse power of locomotives upgraded from 2600HP to 3600HP.

In 2004, CEEYES became the first incubate company from trec-step successfully establishing its own innovative manufacturing setup outside the nursery sheds. In 2008 Ceeyes augmented its production capacity to become the only heavy-duty camshaft manufacturing unit in South India and started exporting camshafts for ALCO locomotives to various countries.

Now CEEYES stands as a noteworthy example for how a professor can motivate and guide his students to become successful entrepreneurs and also positioned itself as a role-model venture spun out of the concept of Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) movement in the Educational Institutions.